Car seat safety tips
Safety June 3, 2020

Car seat safety tips

Maxi-Cosi car seats are among the safest on the market, but you need to install them carefully and use them correctly. Read our safety tips for using your car seat.

Safety tips for baby car seats

  • Always use the seat in a rearward-facing position, preferably until your baby is 30 months old
  • Only switch to a larger toddler seat as per instructions in your car seat manual, as this differs from model to model
  • Use ISOFIX where possible. It makes installing the seat quick and easy and reduces the risk of incorrect car seat installation
  • Put the baby car seat in the rear of the car, preferably behind the passenger seat
  • Don’t use the baby car seat for longer than 2 hours – babies need to move around freely and change position once a while
  • Make sure that the harness system is pulled tight, but not too tight. Use the two-finger rule and ensure that your straps aren't twisted
  • If you install the car seat with the car seat belt, make sure the lap belt is positioned correctly on the guides and indicated in the car seat manual

Safety tips for toddler car seats

  • If possible keep your toddler in the rear-facing position for longer. Most of our seats allow for maximum ERF, which is 30 months
  • If you have ISOFIX anchorage in your car, use an ISOFIX seat. They’re easier to install
  • If you’re installing the seat with a seat belt, make sure it’s positioned correctly
  • Put the toddler car seat in the back of the car, preferably behind the passenger seat
  • Check your seat daily to ensure that it is in proper working order and that it is installed in your car correctly

Safety tips for Booster seats

  • Make sure the headrest of the child car seat is set just above your child's shoulders 
  • For best car seat safety, use a comfortable booster seat with AirProtect. 

Maxi-Cosi car seats are among the safest on the market, but only by following the tips above ─ installing them carefully and using them correctly ─ will you get the very best out of them.