Combining two world leading patented technologies, Maxi-Cosi has launched the Safety Shield Duo Patented Protection System, offering superior head and torso protection.

Our safest protection system on the market today.

Safety Shield Explained

Offering unbeatable head and torso protection through two very distinct technology platforms, the Safety Shield is specifically designed to improve your child’s chances of surviving a crash. More specially, The cushion design of our Air Protect™ Superior Side Impact Protection absorbs the energy away from your child’s head in the instance of an accident, while the GCELL™ acts as a crumple zone, protecting their torso from side impact forces.

The Maxi-Cosi Safety Shield greatly reduces the severity of injuries your child faces when in the instance of a crash, or – ideally, help to prevent injury altogether.

Comprising Air Protect™ and GCELL™ Crash Absorbing Technology, the Safety Shield works together to contain the head and torso to minimize impact forces and deceleration rate of your child’s body during an accident.

How Does Safety Shield Work?

Head Protection: Air Protect™ Superior Side Impact Protection

Air Protect™ is designed to reduce the severity of side impact crash forces by absorbing the energy and transferring that energy away from your child’s head giving your child 180 degree protection in the instance of an accident.

Body Protection: GCELL™ Next Generation Crash Absorbing Technology

Reduces side impact forces from your child’s body. GCELL™ reduces in crash forces over 35% in forward- facing mode and 75% in rearward-facing mode.

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